Renewable Energy Community

Thanks to the enactment of Resolution No. 727 dated Dec. 27-2022, end customers, consumers of electricity, can associate, forming an energy community, to produce locally through renewable sources the electricity needed for their needs.

Energy communities bring several advantages including:

Economic benefits through incentive mechanisms derived from the energy produced and used, producing “energy income” for redistribution.

Environmental benefits as on the one hand it avoids producing energy from fossil sources releasing CO2 and on the other hand it avoids dissipating energy in grid losses.

Social benefits as aggregation is stimulated in the area, educating citizens on a culture aimed at urban sustainability, involving all segments of the population.

The requirements to be adhered to in preparing an energy community are:

– Community members are owners of points of connection of low-voltage power grids related to the same medium/low-voltage transformer substation (being extended to primary substation)

– Plants must not exceed 200 kW in capacity (underway to increase limit to 1 MW)

For more information about this, you can contact us via the module on the contact page.

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