Analysis of networks and air leaks compressed


Compressed air network and leakage analysis

The initial investment incurred during the purchase of a compressor, however large it is, is only a part of the total costs: the most important expense is that related to the energy used to produce the compressed air.

Are your compressors suitable for your business?

Compressors undersized or oversized compared to your actual needs cause unnecessary costs. In addition, incorrect air generation pressure setting risks adding BARs not needed for proper operation of end-of-line actuators, generating additional energy expenditure.

How much compressed air is lost?

Often, more than 30% of the compressed air produced is lost: this results in high costs and wasted resources. compressed air leaks are easily detected through unobtrusive instrumental surveys. In the case of leaks, in fact, friction between the air and the edges of the perforation generates ultrasound: our devices detect these ultrasonic signals, convert them into audible frequencies and amplify them, so as to track the leak area and signal the component to be repaired.

The detected value is then noted and used within a calculation algorithm that will value the air flow rate and the economic costs that the leak is incurring-this way you can figure out how much the savings will amount to once the leak is repaired.

Do you want to assess the condition of your compressed air system?

Trust the Compendia team: through a meticulous energy audit we will identify any leaks and inefficiencies, allowing you to eliminate costly energy waste.