Administrative management and regulatory oversight


Administrative management and regulatory oversight

The management of current paperwork with energy grid operators and energy suppliers, combined with the oversight of regulatory and tender developments, is a key element for the company that wants to keep its energy expenditure under control, be compliant at all times and take advantage of cost recovery opportunities.

Compendia proposes a service that covers this need, starting with an initial audit to identify the elements to be monitored, followed by the preparation of a work plan and the execution of periodic verification and control activities.

Among the activities that can be Included in the service are:


Relationship management with distributors or transporters (support for specific requests to electricity and gas distributors for inefficiencies or other issues)


Relationship management with energy suppliers


Verification of energy regulatory compliance: periodic regulatory and legislative updates, support in handling paperwork inherent regulatory and legislative requirements


Preparation of periodic declarations (e.g., “annual consumption declaration” for electricity workshop license holders holding photovoltaic systems with a capacity of more than 20kWp or cogeneration plants, out-of-field excise activities, …)

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