Energy Services


Our goal: innovation and efficiency

We have been operating in the energy sector for years in order to be able to offer our clients innovative solutions capable of optimizing the energy and economic resources of their businesses. We provide all of our expertise to support companies to achieve energy savings, reducing the coststo be incurred on a daily basis.

How do we do?
Through targeted consultations and audits, we analyze the energy use of each
company, tailoring solutions to make each plant more efficient.
We also propose ongoing services that provide SMEs with a presence
constant consumption and spending.

Innovation and efficiency in energy systems management is our contribution to optimizing our customers’ operations.


Reduce energy consumption with Compendia

Our efficiency services are aimed at supporting companies in implementing strategies and actions to reduce energy consumption.

Energy Diagnosis We perform Energy Diagnosis for you by meeting the requirements.
Development and operation of plants from renewable sources
Discover all our services dedicated to the development, implementation and management of new plants from ronnovable sources.
Compressed air leakage analysis
We decrease your costs by detecting leaks in the compressed air distribution network.
Energy efficiency consulting
We provide you with expert technical advice on the energy aspects of each of your investment choices.
Dettagli del servizio

Ti forniamo consulenza tecnica qualificata sugli aspetti energetici di ogni tua scelta d’investimento.

Consumption analysis and measurement campaigns We provide you with expert technical advice on the energy aspects of each of your investment choices.
Dettagli del servizio

Realizziamo campagne di misurazione e monitoraggio dei consumi per analizzare il tuo fabbisogno energetico e individuare eventuali opportunità di efficientamento.

Supporto per calcolo del credito di impostaValutazione dell’accessibilità alla misura del credito di imposta per energia elettrica e gas, elaborazione calcoli e relazione tecnica.Support for tax credit calculation. Assessment of accessibility to the electricity and gas tax credit measure, preparation of calculations and technical report
Dettagli del servizio
  • Analisi bollette del 2019 e del 2022 per valorizzazione dell’extra costo sostenuto
  • Rielaborazione dati e verifiche puntuali per calcolo del credito di imposta spettante per ogni singolo trimestre
  • Stesura relazione tecnica di dettaglio con indicazione dei codici tributo e del relativo importo spettante
ISO 50001 implementation support We manage the preparation of documentation required for obtaining energy management system certification according to the ISO 50001 standard.
Administrative management and regulatory compliance
We assess compliance with administrative and fiscal requirements, implementing an action plan.


Reduce fixed business costs

Do you need to appoint an energy manager, a mobility manager or be followed on an ongoing basis by an expert to optimize your energy management?
Our consultants ensure expertise and continuous updating with technological and regulatory developments, without burdening fixed business costs.


Energy Manager

Choose Compendia for the role of Energy Manager and translate the need for efficient energy management into an opportunity for savings.

300 €/MONTH

Mobility Manager

Organize and manage the sustainable mobility of your company’s staff through our model of action and presidium.

200 €/MONTH

Energy Advisor

Choose the advanced and ongoing consulting service for environmentally friendly energy procurement and spending optimization.

200 €/MONTH

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