Energy Advisor


Energy Advisor

Today more than ever, optimizing your electricity consumption is crucial and enables you to secure three concrete and important benefits:


Reduction of supply costs


Decline in energy consumption


Diminishing the company’s environmental impact

Compendia’s electricity consulting service is a really useful tool to start saving costs as soon as possible.

Our Energy Advisors have been working for years on economic and contractual optimization for small, medium and large enterprises: through specific energy-saving and energy-efficiency consultations-such as electricity bill analysis, energy supplier contract review and evaluation of actual consumption-they will be able to identify the supplier best suited to your company’s needs.

Electricity bill analysis

Review of the contract with the energy supplier

Evaluation of actual consumption

Thanks to the expertise of our Energy Advisors, you will also be able to take advantage of high-value-added services, such as suggestions regarding the energy efficiency of facilities to reduce consumption or the implementation of purchasing diversification strategies and energy management.

Rely now on an Energy Advisor Compendia.