DECREE LAW MARCH 30, 2023, No. 34

The tax credits recognized to enterprises forpurchase of electricity and natural gas in thesecond quarter of 2023 are: Enterprises other than those with high consumptionof natural gas are granted anextraordinary subsidy, in the form of a tax credit,equal to 20…

Notice D.M. 15-09-2022

Notice of Incentives for Biomethane The application rules and notice for participation in the competitive procedure for accessing incentives under the NRP for biomethane fed into the natural gas grid have been published online. Applications can be submitted through the…

Renewable Energy Community

Thanks to the enactment of Resolution No. 727 dated Dec. 27-2022, end customers, consumers of electricity, can associate, forming an energy community, to produce locally through renewable sources the electricity needed for their needs. Energy communities bring several advantages including:…

Auction for new electricity consumption reduction service

February 2023 The auction for the new electricity consumption reduction service prepared by Terna for all end customers who, even in aggregate form, have power available for the service of at least 1 MW is underway. This electricity consumption reduction…

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