ESCO investments


ESCO investments

Our goal is to build lasting partnerships with our clients: therefore, we also invest directly in the energy efficiency of their facilities through so-called EPC (Energy Performance Contract) contracts.

Within this type of collaboration, we take on the investment necessary to perform all those interventions that, by optimizing the present systems, ensure biggest energy savings for our clients.

You will see a high level of energy upgrading carried out in your business, performed by experienced and qualified personnel, serving your business: the compensation of Compendia lies in the sharing of the earnings generated by the upgrading itself for a given number of years, specified in the contract, after which you will remain the sole beneficiary of the profits.

Interventions can be different:


Facilities for autoproduction of energy needed by the company


Interventions for the efficiency of electric motors.

Heat recovery

Interventions for heat recovery from the production process.

Compressed air

Efficiency of compressed air distribution and production facilities


Redevelopment of production lines through the combined use of


Benefit from more efficient facilities and thus save on energy costs